Gambia bird watching trips and guide. Tamba Jefang.


The Gambia is a small country only around 200 miles long and 30 miles wide. The birding is generally easy with some great localized birds including Egyptian Plover, White-backed Night-heron, and Abyssinian and Blue-bellied Rollers. Also, more widespread African icons such as African Fish-eagle, Black and Goliath Herons, Red-throated and Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters, and Yellow-crowned Gonolek. For animal lovers there’s Nile Crocodile, Hippopotamus, Guinea Baboon and Red Colobus Monkeys.

Top Locations

Kotu Creek area
Abuko NR
Bonto Forest
Brufut Community Forest
Pirang Forest Park
Farasuto Forest Community Nature Preserve
Mandina Lodges, Makasutu Cultural Forest
Tendaba Camp
Soma, south side of the River Gambia before Farafenni ferry crossing
Farafenni area, north side of the River Gambia
Ka-ur wetlands, north side of the River Gambia on way to Janjangbureh (formerly Georgetown) ferry crossing
Ngao wetlands
Kuntaur rice fields
Janjangbureh (Georgetown) River Gambia boat trip
Kiang West NP on the south bank of the Gambia River
Kunkilling FR

White-backed Night-heron, Egyptian Plover (Oct-Jan with numbers usually at a peak in November, declining to a few by mid-January, often at Basse only by then), and Abyssinian and Blue-bellied Rollers. Also a chance of African Pygmy Goose, Savile’s Bustard (north of river), African Finfoot, Black Crowned Crane, Greater Painted-snipe, Brown-necked Parrot, Adamawa Turtle-dove, Standard-winged Nightjar, White-fronted Black-chat, Pale-eyed (White-shouldered/winged) Black Tit and Sudan Golden Sparrow (north of river).

In Senegal the birdlife is very similar to the Gambia. However, there is more chance of seeing Black Crowned Crane, Arabian and Savile’s Bustards, and Swallow-tailed Kite, and where Djoudj National Park was established to protect one of the world’s great wetlands, complete with a huge Great White Pelican colony, viewable by boat.

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