Environment Task Force gathering

As there are so many challenging environmental issues that the Gambia and the entire globe must deal with, I am glad and thrilled to be a member. Whether it is climate change or a climate emergency, these challenges may be overcome by approaching them in the best way possible, which is by enlisting the help of dedicated individuals who are willing to put their money where their mouth is without regard for reward or favor but rather for the benefit of the Gambia and her environment.

We must stop property developers’ unauthorised incursions into our forests, illegal logging, and the unprecedented overuse of our marine system if we are to protect our biodiversity and conserve our natural resources for sustainability. The Gambia is a small nation that is below sea level, and estimates indicate that sea levels are rising.

Additionally, coastal sand mining has caused numerous environmental problems for the nearby towns, including Gunjur, Kartong Sanyang and Tanji, but I am optimistic that we have the team, passion, and willingness to collaborate with all departments to get the greatest results for Gambia, our home country.