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I’d like to thank all of the media outlets for supporting my fight at the old cycle track. One year later, we’re still fighting for the protection of our biodiversity for nature conservation and sustainable development, as well as illegal logging and encroachment in all of our coastal forests and community forests.

Illegal logging and encroachment pose severe threats to The Gambia’s coastal woodlands. Here are some of the most serious risks linked with these activities:

Deforestation: Illegal logging is the unauthorized felling of trees, which is frequently done without following sustainable forest management practices. This results in deforestation, which is the permanent loss of forest cover. Deforestation upsets the delicate balance of ecosystems, eliminates habitat for many plant and animal species, and contributes to climate change by diminishing trees’ ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

Biodiversity loss: The Gambia’s coastal woodlands are home to a broad range of plant and animal species, some of which are endemic or endangered. Illegal logging and encroachment destroy these habitats, causing species to be displaced or extinction.